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SAT August 28 2021 International test  papers  include:

Reading Test Test 

Writing and Language Test

Math-No Calculator Test

Math- Calculator Test



SAT August 28 2021 International test papers(PDF)

Reading Test

Questions 1-10 – Literature – SAT August 28 2021 International test papers

This passage is adapted from Carolina De Robertis,Perla.©2012 by Carolina De Robertis.The narrator is in her last year of high school in Argentina.

passage1:My mother was given to sudden sprints of creativity.When she was young,she’d wanted to be an artist-she had not yet told me the whole story,but I’d seen the single frightening canvas in the attic……….

Questions 11-20 – Science – SAT August 28 2021 International test 

This passage and accompanying figure 2 are adapted from Benjamin K.Bergen,Louder Than Words:The New Science of How the Mind Makes Meaning.©2012 by Benjamin K.Bergen.In the passage,”speakers”refers to people whose first language is the language being discussed

Questions 21-31 – Natural Sciences – SAT August 28 2021 International test  

This passage is adapted from Patrick Monahan,”How 3D Printing Unraveled the Dracula Orchid’s Disguise:’©2016 by American Association for the Advancement of Science.3D printing is a manufacturing process that uses computers to produce three-dimensional objects.

Questions 32-42 – History – SAT August 28 2021 International test 

Passage 1 is adapted from a speech delivered in 1848 by Elizabeth Cady Stanton at the Seneca Falls Convention.Passage 2 is adapted from a speech delivered in 1893 by  France E.W.Harper,”Woman’s Political Future:’In Passage 1,Stanton speaks on behalf of women’s rights activists.Harper was an author and civil rights activist.At the times Stanton and Harper spoke,women had not yet secured the right to vote in the United States.

Questions 43-52 – Natural Science – SAT August 28 2021 International test 

This passage is adapted from Charles Menzel,”Solving Ecological Problems:’©2012 by The University of Chicago. Macaques are a widespread genus of monkeys.

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