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SAT October,2 2021 International Test QAS PDF include:

Reading Test Test

Writing and Language Test

Math-No Calculator Test

Math- Calculator Test



October 2021 International SAT QAS and Answer pdf

Reading Test

Passage1:Questions 1-10 – Literature -SAT October,2 2021 International QAS

This passage is adapted from Oscar Hijuelos, The Fourteen Sisters of Emilio Montez O’Brien. 1993 by Oscar Hijuelos.Mariela Montez and her husband Nelson O’Brien live in a small town in Pennsylvania with their fifteen children.

Passage Body:”When it came to music, Mariela would hear a ragtime piece out the saloon doors, the “CubanoIa Glide,” and never know that it was about Cuba, as it sounded like so many other rinky-dinky piano rags of that time, and in the days when Nelson had the house wired for electricity and purchased, like half of the country,their very own Atwater Kent superheterodyne crystal-radio set, she might cruise the stations and come across a performance of the……”

Passage2:Questions 11-20- History – SAT October,2 2021 International QAS

Passage 1 is adapted from Thomas Carlyle.”Signs of the Times.”Originally published in 1829.Passage 2 is adapted from Oscar Wilde,”Art and the Handicraftsman.”Originally published in 1908 from manuscripts written in the 1880s.Carlyle was a British essayist,and Wilde was an lrish author.

Passage3:Questions 21-31 – Natural Science – SAT October,2 2021 International QAS

This passage is adapted from Laurel Hamers,”Eggshell Nanostructure Protects a Chick and Helps it Hatch.”©2018 by Society for Science & the Public.

Passage4:Questions 32-42 – Science -SAT October,2 2021 International QAS

This passage is adapted from Marco A.Palma,”Research on How Self-Control Works Could Help You Stick with New Year’s Resolutions.”©2018 by The Conversation US,Inc.

Passage5:Questions 43-52 -Natural Science – SAT October,2 2021 International QAS

This passage is adapted from Hal Whitehead and Luke Rendell,The Cultural Lives of Whales and Dolphins.©2015 by The University of Chicago Some humpback whales practice lobtail feeding,in which they tail slap the surface to concentrate of confuse prey;bubble-cloud feeding is the practice of surrounding prey with netlike masses of bubbles.

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